Eastern Region Programs

The Eastern Region College Committee on Human Resources Development (ERCCHRD) provides professional development opportunities and programs to all college employees including Faculty, Support Staff, and Administrators in Eastern Ontario.

The ERCCHRD is composed of representatives from six Eastern colleges including Algonquin, Durham, Fleming, Loyalist, La Cité, and St. Lawrence.  Please see the links below for program information and contact us at catl@loyalistcollege.com for additional information.  Individuals interested in registering should seek approval from their manager.

Aligning and Building Curriculum (ABC)

The ABC Institute is ideally suited for anyone who is involved in Program Review/Program Quality Review, New Program Development, Course/Program Curriculum Development and Curriculum Renewal. The intended audience includes experienced faculty, deans, program coordinators and chairs.

Celebrating Great Teaching (CGT)

This experience is designed for faculty who have more than five years of teaching experience and who are comfortable with

  • collaborative learning,
  • open-ended learning environments,
  • sharing of teaching experiences and resources,
  • being open to new ideas, and
  • working in a multi-disciplinary environment


Leadership Excellence in Academic Programming (LEAP)

This program is designed for Academic Coordinators who are interested in becoming more effective in their roles. Participants will experience collaborative learning, open-ended learning environments, and have an opportunity to share experiences and resources regarding the co-coordinator role.

Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI)

The Teaching & Learning Institute is designed to address the development needs around contemporary issues facing educators in post-secondary education. Participants will have the opportunity to examine inclusive learning environments, use teaching and learning design principles to plan activities, and assess a variety of evaluation tools and strategies to align with the diversity of learners.

Support Staff Development Program

This program is about fostering and sustaining inclusive quality education, and lifelong learning. This year’s program content will focus on personal growth and how it impacts employees’ professions. The goal is to ensure all attendees have an equal chance to be involved in impacting their organization’s culture, gain confidence and comfortably participate in career change opportunities.