Academic Integrity

Violations of academic integrity are common challenges in post-secondary learning environments.  Issues such as plagiarism are even more challenging with a culturally diverse student population since the concept of plagiarism is not universally accepted, understood, or practiced. CATL can assist you with strategies to address these challenges as well as prepare the students to engage in work that respects Loyalist’s policies.

The college has adopted proactive practices as well as a progressive disciplinary process to address violations of academic integrity.

Proactive Approach

Pending the program of study, all Loyalist College students are either required or highly encouraged to complete Loyalist’s Academic Integrity Module. 

Faculty can review the module here: 

Progressive Disciplinary Process

Loyalist has a progressive policy to address violations of the college’s policy: AOP 216 Academic Integrity

The college policy AOP 216 Academic Integrity can be found at the following site.

Additional resources can be found on the Loyalist College’s Website.