Course Delivery Modes

There are three main course delivery modes at Loyalist College: face-to-face (F2F), hybrid and fully online.

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A Face-to-Face (F2F) course is delivered in the traditional classroom setting. This means that scheduled normative hours take place in the physical classroom. F2F classroom interaction takes the form of in-person, real-time interaction between the professor and the students, and encourages the use of technology-enabled teaching and learning at Loyalist College. A F2F classroom provides many opportunities to present material to students using engaging educational technologies and tools. Educational technologies can create efficiencies by allowing students to collaborate, perform and complete learning activities and assessments in the physical classroom.

A hybrid (or blended) course combines in-class instruction and activities with flexible, guided online learning in a virtual environment. Guided online activities in hybrid courses engage students with independent, active learning that is supported, performed or submitted via a course learning management system. There are many possible combinations of in-class and online instruction, interaction and digital learning activities, as well as a wide variety of student deliverables.

When exploring how to convert an existing course into hybrid delivery, please review the following resources to assist you with this process.

Open PDF Version – Hybridizing a Course PDF

Hybrid Course Planning Chart

A fully online course is delivered in the virtual classroom. This means that scheduled normative hours take place outside of a physical classroom. Fully online courses provide students with flexibility to personalize their study schedules as the course teaching and learning activities occur online through the use of the Blackboard Learning Management System. Students complete assessments, submit assignments and collaborate on projects using a wide range of educational technologies and digital learning activities.