Respondus 4.0 Resources

Respondus allows you to import questions from Word and other file types into Respondus 4.0, the exam authoring application that helps faculty create and manage exams. Then publish directly to the Canvas learning management system.

Software Download
Use the links below to download the Respondus installation program. Note: Respondus 4.0 runs on Windows so you must be on a Windows machine to download (Macs will not work) 

Respondus Setup ApplicationRespondus4Campus-409-06

Institution Name: Loyalist College

Installation Password:Y2407I981438991Ra48bfd88fbeacef5 (Password valid through the end of: July 2024)

The Respondus website has a quick start guide, a user guide and numerous video tutorials.

When the Respondus software is activated, you are prompted to select a Learning management system (LMS) “personality.” Select Canvas from the Start menu.