Adopting an Open Resource

The first step for most people moving to OER is to adopt an existing open textbook or resource. Many faculty are already doing this and didn’t realize that they were working with open. This can include using a video, article, or other resources in your class. When you decide to officially move to open educational resources there are a few steps that can be followed.

  1. Review your current materials to determine where OER might fit.
  2. Find the textbook or resource and determine whether it includes an open license. (See Finding resources and Open licenses for more information)
  3.  Review the textbook or resource to ensure that it will meet your needs and course learning outcomes.
  4. If the textbook can be used “as is” then you can distribute and share it with your students. This can be done by sharing the digital link with them, through the LMS, or by sending an email. Print copies may be available through xerox or the bookstore.
  5. If the textbook does not currently meet the course needs you can consider adapting the textbook
  6. If you decide to utilize an open textbook and/or resource in your course please let CATL know.