Student Learning Experience Survey – Student Resources

Each semester students are invited to provide feedback on their courses through the Student Learning Experience Survey. Loyalist College uses a tool called Blue to administer surveys online.

You will receive a survey for each course in which you are enrolled and asked to provide feedback on the following categories:

  • The Course
  • The Course Delivery
  • The Learning Environment
  • Other Supports (e.g., Access to Student Services)

Participation is optional but highly encouraged. The feedback that you provide is an important way Loyalist College continues to improve to meet students’ needs. It also helps the College and faculty to recognize best teaching practices.

All feedback is kept anonymous, and surveys are quick and easy to complete.


What Students Need to Know

Visual overview of the SLES process from Week 1 to Week 14.

How to Complete Surveys

Each course’s survey responses are collected in the last third of the semester.

You will receive invitations to complete your surveys via email, as well as reminders for any outstanding survey items to be completed.

For details on how to access and complete surveys, consult the guide below.

Additional Resources:
AOP 237 Student Learning Experience Survey
Blue User Guide – Students (PDF)
SLES Timeline – Student Graphic (PDF)


How to Provide Constructive Feedback

Student feedback is crucial in creating productive, supportive, and effective learning experiences. The comments that you share can have a direct impact on improving courses. The more specific and detailed the feedback is, the more valuable it can be.

It is also important that feedback is provided in a constructive and respectful way. This means focusing on facts while also avoiding abusive or derogatory language. To learn more, consult the resources below.

All feedback is subject to the expectations outlined in Loyalist College Policy AOP 209 governing Student Conduct.

Additional Resources:
AOP 209 Student Code of Conduct – Positive Learning & Living Environment
Quick Tips for Providing Constructive Feedback (PDF)


Where to Share Complaints and Access Support

In cases where feedback also includes complaints related to sexual assault or violence, students are encouraged to notify the college through the appropriate protocols included here in the additional resources.

All complaints related to grading or assessment should be submitted through the Academic Appeal Process, as outlined in Loyalist College Policy AOP 231.

Student Success also offers a wide variety of resources to students, including mental health supports and study aids. While it is important to share feedback of specific challenges with course content, students should also contact Student Success to access these supports.

Additional Resources:
AOP 209 Student Code of Conduct – Positive Learning & Living Environment
AOP 231 Academic Appeal Process
Sexual Assault & Sexual Violence
Student Success